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Results from a very special #HOGAtLast  


Friday August 21st, 2015

NYC Arena/Amazura NightClub was packed with 907 HOG Fans

===Before the Show===
Tag Team Match
Blade Michaels & Caveman picked up the win over Drake Fortune & Blake Grayson

6 Man Tag Team Match
Dii Consentes (“the Juggernaut” Draconis, Panda Beast & “the UnDead Warrior” Bonez) w/ “the Beautiful Nightmare” Romeo Romano defeated The Falcon Corps (“Captain” Adam Falcon & Joe Quick) and “Wrestling’s Greatest Challenge” EA James w/ “The Wrestling Pokemon Fanatic” Andy Lee Ray
when Falcon was had some sort of blinding powder thrown in his face by Bonez helping Panda Beast pin Falcon with a vicious spear.

After the Match: Panda Man was daring Andy Lee Ray to hit him but the injured Lee Ray ultimately refused but was Blue Thunder Bombed for his trouble leaving Dii Consentes dominate over Lee Ray.

===Main Card===

Brothers vs. Best Friends
Tag Team Match
Private Party debut (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen was a successful one as they defeated the Best Friends duo of Josh Glide & “Good Times Only” TJ Marconi known as 2 Kliq after Glide’s former friend, EA James, stopped Glide from using a chair during the match.

Grudge Match
*If Flanders wins, Sonya must become Flanders’ valet.*
*If Sonya wins, Flanders must wear a dress until he wins a match*
Sonya defeated Good Hank Flanders forcing Flanders to wear a dress after the match. Lets see if Flanders can live up to exact what Sonya has been preaching, doesn’t matter what you wear or what gender you are because shouldn’t have anything to do with kicking ass in the ring.

-6 Man Tag Team Grudge Match
*Matthew Ryan Shapiro has been banned from the NYC Arena August 21st.*
“Esquire of Excellence” Matthew Ryan Shapiro’s faction of The Trust (Big Daddy Cruz & The New York Wrecking Krew (Smoothe Blackmon & Chris Seaton) defeated HOG version of the Handicap Heroes of Zach Gowen, Gregory Iron and Nicky Heat

*Originally Herbal Affairs was suppose to team with Heat but were attacked during their entrance with chairs by The Trust as apart of their game plan to get Heat alone.Cruz pinned Heat with the Cruz Missile.*

-Intergender Tag Team Match
Ken Broadway & Ariela Nyx defeated JT Dunn & Kimber Lee with some help from Cash Flow INC who handcuffed Dunn to the ropes and forced him to watch Kimber Lee receive a two on one beatdown. This feud is heating up show by show.

-Hard Hitting Rematch
Dan Maff vs. Chris Dickinson ended in a No Contest and had to be pulled apart from one another in a crazy brawl that included Dickinson Pazuzu Bombing Caveman on top of the staff, Referees and wrestlers of HOG.

-“the Rogue: Anthony Gangone came out and discussed how terrible he felt about not being able to compete and defend the HOG Tag Team Titles on the biggest show HOG has had due to his broken ankle. He was able to announce what he was going to do with his half of the title when a old familiar rival the HOG World Champion Brian XL showed up with 1/2 of the other HOG Tag Team Champions Joey Janela & Danny Demanto. XL stripped Gangone of the championship and awarded his championship to Demanto not before spitting in XL’s face. Janela turned on his partner and a beatdown of Gangone ensued.

-HOG World Tag Team Championship Match
EYFBO (“Funky Monkey” Angel Ortiz & “The Real F’N Deal” Mike Draztik defeated the Bad Boy” Joey Janela & Danny Demanto and became NEW HOG TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS with a bit of help from Gangone who Brainbustered Janela on one leg.

-HOG World Championship Match
*Smiley’s Last chance to win. If he does not win, he will no longer be able to challenge for the HOG World Title as long as Brian XL is champion*
*No interference allowed or else Brian XL will be stripped of the World Title*
Smiley defeated Brian XL and became the new HOG WORLD CHAMPION. First HOG World Champion to come out of the House of Glory Wrestling School.

-THE DREAM MATCH was truly a special moment in Pro Wrestling history as Rey Mysterio JR defeated Amazing via a frog splash is a beautiful showcase match to Eddie Guerrero.

Thank you to all the HOG Fans who made this event BY FAR the most successful and special event we have ever thrown.

Next Show will be Friday October 23rd at the NYC/Amazura Arena




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